The activities of the Standing Committee

Irina Pavlovskaya: It's important that the guys keep in their hearts the friendship and mutual understanding that they got in Zubrenok

The National Children's Center "Zubrenok", which is located in the Minsk region, completed the change of students of the Union State "For the Honor of the Motherland", funded from the Union budget


Margarita Levchenko: A new generation is growing up, but the idea of ​​friendship and cooperation between the two peoples is growing stronger

On September 28, the National Children's Center Zubrenok hosted an artistic and sports festival "From Century to the Century Walk Together" dedicated to the Union State, which is the end of the change of students of the Union State "For the Honor of the Motherland", in which students from specialized cadet schools take part , as well as students of cadet (military-patriotic) classes of Belarus and Russia


Final of the II International Youth Festival-Competition of Poetry and Poetic Translations "The Shores of Friendship"

During the three days of the festival-competition, from 6 to 8 October, young authors and their mentors will present their work in higher and secondary educational institutions of the Rostov region


Concert of youth Belarusian-Russian symphony orchestra to be held at the Victory Museum

The tour of 2017 will be held in the capitals of the Union State - Moscow and Minsk


Internet newspaper for a friend

The new head of the Belarusian National Press Center Olga Shpilevskaya told us about her views on the future of journalism


"Caring about the future of the Union State": in Rostov-on-Don they discussed the implementation of youth projects

Head of the Department of Social Policy and Information Support of the Standing Committee of the Union State Margarita Levchenko told about the youth policy


Book heritage of Francis Skaryna transferred to Russian libraries

The solemn ceremony was held at the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in Moscow


Spartakiad Olympians students will be held in Grodno

The decision on the annual holding of sports events for children and young people of the two countries was made in 2003 by the Council of Ministers of the Union State


"West-2017": Allied journalists watch one of the main episodes of the exercise at the "Borisovskiy" training ground

In the morning, a landing of media representatives landed near the city of Borisov


Belarus and Russia give comprehensive answers to all questions on the West-2017 training, - Grigory Rapota

Concerning the development of military-technical cooperation between Belarus and Russia, Grigory Rapota acknowledged that there are some problematic issues in this area, but there are also many examples of successful cooperation


Alexander Lukashenko and Grigory Rapota watched the active phase of the West-2017 exercises

The President of Belarus and the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, the State Secretary of the Union State, as well as representatives of the High Command of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the leadership of the CIS, the CSTO, are watching from the observation platform for the course of the joint strategic exercise of Belarus and Russia "West-2017" at the 227th Combined-Arms Test Site Borisovskiy


Minsk discussed plan of measures for preparation and holding of press tours in the Union State

The focus was on topical issues of information policy in the Union State


Press tour "Military-technical cooperation in the Union State" started

Press tour events will last until September 21


Delegation of the Standing Committee of the Union State congratulated the National Library of Belarus on its anniversary

A solemn evening dedicated to the 95th anniversary of the National Library and the 500th anniversary of the Belarusian and Eastern Slavic printing


Grigory Rapota: There is a mutual exchange of experience in the book publishing of Russia and Belarus

State Secretary of the Union State took part in the International Congress "500 Years of Belarusian Printing", which takes place at the National Library of Belarus


Representative of the Standing Committee spoke at the XV International Conference "PKI-Forum Russia 2017"

On September 12, 2017, Oleg Lesnov, Deputy Head of the Department of Economics and Sector Programs of the Permanent Committee of the Union State, took part in the XV International Conference on Electronic Confidential Services, Electronic Signature, Public Key Infrastructure, Cryptographic Information Security and Electronic Legally Significant Workflow «PKI-Forum Russia 2017».


Meeting of the Expert Council on the Prizes of the Union State in Literature and Art

September 27 in the Multimedia Press Center of the Business and Cultural Complex of the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in the Russian Federation (Moscow, Maroseyka, 17/6) will hold a meeting of the Expert Council on Union State Prizes in the field of literature and art for 2017-2018.


State Secretary of the Union State Grigory Rapota took part in the VIII Congress of the General Confederation of Trade Unions

"The challenges of the time - the solidarity response of trade unions!". Under this motto, on September 12, the VIII Congress of the General Confederation of Trade Unions was held in Moscow in the Great Hall of the Trade Union Palace of Trade, which includes the national trade union centers of 10 states and 27 international industry associations


Veterans of the war rest and are treated for union permits

In the Union State, much attention is paid to caring for those who defended the honor and independence of our Motherland, whose heroism and dedication will forever remain in the grateful memory of the descendants


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