Culture and Society

Moscow opens metro station "Minskaya"

The new station became part of the Kalininsk-Solntsevo line of the Moscow metro


Artists and directors from Belarus visited excursions in Moscow theaters

Expert-media seminar on theatrical art opened in Moscow


Union State to help strengthen ties between Russian and Belarusian theaters

State Secretary of the Union State Grigory Rapota took part in an expert-media seminar dedicated to the theatrical culture


Art blurs the boundaries

In the Business and Cultural Complex of the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in Moscow, a solemn opening ceremony of an art exhibition was held under the ambitious title: "From Lisbon via Minsk, Moscow to Vladivostok"


A forum dedicated to theatrical culture in the Union State opened in Moscow

Participants of the expert media seminar were Russian and Belarusian directors and artists, as well as media representatives


Budget for improving children in the framework of the Chernobyl programs of the Union State will be increased

In the children's rehabilitation and health center "Zhdanovichi", which is located two kilometers from Minsk, the meeting of the Parliamentary Assembly's Commission for Ecology, Nature Management and Elimination of Accidents


Culture is the language of friendship and national harmony

On the eve of the International Mother Language Day Belarusians of the Samara region paid an official visit to the city of Orenburg


In the Business and Cultural Complex of the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus an exhibition "Laws of Beauty"

In Moscow, an exhibition of Belarusian artists' painting dedicated to the spring holiday and the International Women's Day was opened on March 8


The new head of Broadcasting Organization of the Union State was Nikolai Efimovich

The first deputy chief editor of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Belarus-Russia Union State, "Soyuznoe Veche", the first deputy chief editor of "Komsomolskaya Pravda", Nikolai Efimovich was appointed head of the Union State Broadcasting Organization (TRO Union)


Focus on work with youth: in Moscow discussed the humanitarian ties of Russia and Belarus

Participation in the meeting of the Russian-Belarusian experts club held at the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus business and cultural center in Moscow, attended by representatives of the Permanent Committee of the Union State


With the participation of the Permanent Committee of the Union State published the book "Francisk Skaryna - the man of the world"

The book is dedicated to Belarusian printing pioneer, founder of the East European publishing


Alexander Surikov: People who lived through the siege of Leningrad - the clearest example for the younger generation

The Russian Embassy in Minsk celebrated Leningrad survivors siege. The meeting was dedicated to the 73rd anniversary of complete liberation of Leningrad


"Chernobyl - 30 years later. The miracles and feats of our time"

As part of the International Christmas Educational Readings in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow hosted a conference dedicated to the heroism of the liquidators of the Chernobyl accident, with the joint participation of the representatives of the Church, civil society organizations and the media


Former member of band "Verasy" Alexander Tikhanovich died in Belarus

Alexander Lukashenko expressed his condolences to the People's Artist of the Republic family


Sculptor Alex Rybak: I have long explained that the two flags should be put on the label and sign - «Union State of Russia and Belarus»

The International Sand Sculpture Festival "Sand Christmas" in the Canary Islands attended the representative of the Union State


Oleg Novitsky: "A huge hello to the Belarusian people, a huge hello to his native land!"

The film crew of TV channel ONT was able to communicate with Russian cosmonaut Russian descent, is now located at the International Space Station


Nikolai Rubtsov, "Russia, Russia! Keep yourself Save!"

This line from a famous poem by Nikolai Rubtsov knocked in granite near the entrance to the Kirov plant in St. Petersburg. Bas and explanatory inscription that here "from 1959 to 1962 he worked as a well-known Russian poet ..."


Belarusian famous stunt man repeated the trick Van Damme

Stuntman and stunt coordinator of Belarus Denis Blokhin got the splits between two moving trucks BelAZ


Russian cosmonaut launched into space Belarus flag

Red and green flag brought to the ISS expedition commander Oleg Novitsky


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