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About the Union State awards in literature and art

In accordance with the Supreme Council of the Union of Belarus and Russia, the decision of 28 April 1999 № 6 established three Union State Award in the field of literature and art, which are awarded for outstanding contribution to the strengthening of relations of brotherhood, friendship and comprehensive cooperation between the states - members of the Union State


Announcement on the timing of receiving the documents on competition of the Union State Prize in Literature and Art

The Standing Committee of the Union State announces application deadline for obtaining the Union State awards in the field of literature and art for 2017 - 2018 and the procedure for the nomination of works on awards competition


Union State Festival "Creativity made by young" ended in Anapa

The annual festival of the Union State "Creativity made by young", which took place on August 19 in Anapa, ended on Wednesday, August 24, the final concert at the corporate center of rehabilitation "Sibur-south"


Alexander Surikov - to the liquidators of the Chernobyl accident: "I am truly grateful for what you have prevented an even greater disaster for mankind"

Ten Belarusian liquidators of the Chernobyl accident were awarded medals of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations


XI Festival of the Union State "Youth Creativity" will be held in Anapa, from 19 to 26 August

Traditionally, the festival will bring together talented youth art groups and solo artists


In Kaliningrad started the international festival "Territory of Peace"

A rich cultural program formed by representatives of 24 countries, including Belarus and Russia


Members of international games army met with Belarusian culture

Events were held at Alabino range near Moscow


Grigory Rapota - to young teachers: Gathered here today are only honors

State Secretary of the Union State awards finalists # SilaSlova


Alexander Lukashenko presented state awards of the Union in the field of literature and art

The ceremony was held in Vitebsk during the official opening of the festival "Slavic Bazaar"


Alexander Lukashenko said Belarus, Russia and Ukraine, a stronghold of traditional culture

In Vitebsk opened the traditional "Slavic Bazaar"


Russian paratroopers and pilots took part in the parade on the Independence Day of Belarus

On the day of liberation of Minsk from Nazi invaders in Belarus celebrates Independence Day on 3 July. Across the country, are mass celebrations, and is traditionally held a military parade in the center of Minsk. For several years, in addition to the Belarusian army, in a parade attended by troops from Russia.


Overcome yourself on the "Path of Courage"

State Secretary of the Union State Grigory Rapota, welcomed the participants of the international hiking marathon in the Kaluga region, which was attended by more than a thousand people from Minsk to Chelyabinsk


Reconstruction of Brest Fortress will see 20 thousand people

Theatrical act to hold on June 22, the anniversary of the Great Patriotic War


Days of Belarusian Culture are held in Russia from 19 to 22 June

Ministry of Culture of Belarus and Russia are also working together on the project of a Union program "About perpetuating the memory of Fatherland Defenders and the victims of war"


Days of Belarusian Culture will be held in Russia from 19 to 22 June

Ministry of Culture of Belarus and Russia are also working together on the project of a Union program "to perpetuate the memory of Fatherland Defenders and the victims of war"


Minsk regional television festival opened in Belarus and Russia, "The image of the time"

It was attended by representatives of 27 TV companies from 16 regions of the two countries


Grodno took place XI Republican Festival of National Cultures

Representatives of the festival were 37 nationalities. More than 1,500 official guests attended the gala event


Belarusian builders will erect a residential complex in the Kaluga area of 32 thousand square meters

On a dedicated site has already begun preparatory work


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