Culture and Society

Russian Village in Vileika region was visited by participants of the press tour "Military-Technical Cooperation in the Union State"

A group of journalists visited the memorial dedicated to the fallen soldiers in the First World War


Its among strangers, a stranger among their

In Moscow, opened an exhibition dedicated to the legendary scout Kim Philby


Repositories of priceless knowledge and unlimited wisdom

September 15 is the Day of Libraries of the Republic of Belarus


Young people will submit ideas

The creation of the Youth Chamber under the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union of Belarus and Russia was the main topic of the joint meeting of the two committees of the Union parliamentarians. The meeting was held on Thursday, September 14, in Rostov-on-Don, where these days there is the XII creative festival "Youth for the Union State"


XII creative festival "Youth for the Union State" started in Rostov-on-Don

September 14 in Rostov-on-Don held a joint meeting of the Parliamentary Assembly's Commission on Social Policy, Science, Culture and Humanitarian Affairs and the Parliamentary Assembly's Committee on Legislation and Regulations.


Belarusian publishers receive Grand Prix at the international competition of the CIS "The Art of a Book"

September 8 at the 30th anniversary Moscow International Book Fair, the 14th International Competition of the CIS member states "The Art of the Book" was held. This year, 87 editions from six countries took part in the competition: Belarus, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Turkmenistan.


Read the works of Francis Skaryna and print his "Bible"

A stand with Belarusian books was opened at the 30th Moscow International Book Fair


Russia celebrated the end of World War II

Solemn events took place in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk


Models in clothes from Belarusian flax passed through Red Square

As part of the patriotic expedition "Traditions of the Spirit," the gold sewing factory from Torzhok presented a collection of its clothes


Every house in August is rich

Belarusians of Samara region took part in festive events dedicated to Apple Apple


The 12th Festival of the Union State "Creativity of the Young" was inaugurated in Anapa

The gala concert of the festival "Creativity of the young", which this year is already the tenth time hosted by Anapa, assembled the whole stadium "Antey" 08.21.2017 BelpressCenter has a new head Director of the National Press Center of the Republic of Belarus appointed Olga Shpilevskaya


Actress, director Vera Glagoleva passed away

The director, actress, laureate of the Union State Prize died in a German clinic after a long illness


Good location

In St. Petersburg there will be a "Belorussian quarter", and in Minsk - Petersburg


Legacy of Francis Skaryna: books that unite countries

Experts from Moscow, Minsk and Prague on the air discussed the 500th anniversary of the first Belarusian printed book


A herd of bison who fled to Moscow for three days was searched with thermal imagers

While the frightened animals rushed along the Prioksko-Terrasniy Reserve, more than 50 people took part in their search


Grigory Rapota: Zdravnevo near Vitebsk and Chaika in the Tver region should be places of attraction for young people and people of art "

The State Secretary of the Union State visited Ilya Repin's museum-estate and took part in the round table "Artistic and literary heritage for future generations"


Grigory Rapota: Zdravnevo near Vitebsk and Chaika in the Tver Region should be places of attraction for young people and artists "

The State Secretary of the Union State visited the Ilya Repin Museum-Estate and took part in the round table "Artistic and literary heritage for future generations"


Journalists of the Union media tried the real Tula cakes

In the Russian region, a press tour was completed, organized by the Standing Committee of the Union State and MIA "Russia Today"


Grigory Rapota visits the Zdravnevo Estate Estate Museum

Together with the State Secretary the estate was visited by the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Belarus Boris Svetlov and the Chairman of the Vitebsk Oblast Council of Deputies Vladimir Terentyev


"Belarusian character" of the Tatar poet

The personality of the Tatar poet Robert Minnullin seems equally interesting in different countries and among different peoples


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