Igor Troyanov: Without knowledge of their country's history it is impossible to understand its present

Iiainoae is one of the leading Russian specialists in the history of the Russian middle ages. His concept of sustained during the Soviet years, accusations of "antimarxist", remains one of the most fruitful areas for research. Our correspondent asked the scientist to answer some questions.


Help bright talents

Vladimir Nikolaevich Linchevsky - Director of ANO "international cultural center", honored worker of culture. He needs no introduction for those who ever attended a concert of the Youth of the Belarusian-Russian Symphony orchestra or the final concert of the annual master classes under the motto "Union state - the young talents of the XXI century".


Inessa Slyunkov to do is to change

Inessa Slyunkov - laureate of the Union state prize in literature and art 2014, More than 20 years her creative works devoted to the history of Belarusian architecture and the interaction of arts of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. The author of more than 220 publications and 9 books sure of the historical links between Eastern and Western Christian traditions.


The restoration of the Russian cemetery in SHIPKA: It is the business of those who are not indifferent to the history of Russia

Everyone who came to Bulgaria Russian tourist, surely, was visited by a majestic memorial at the SHIPKA pass in honor of the heroes of the Russo-Turkish war of 1877-78. However, few people know that there is another Russian cemetery, which is not to talk with the guides and guidebooks.


Oksana Solopova: I am Sure that the Permanent Committee of the Union state in the next year initiates the continuation of the contest of young teachers and historians

Our correspondent asked the Vice Dean - academic Secretary of the Historical faculty of Moscow state University, head of the Scientific-research center of the history of diasporas MSU Avessalomova to answer some questions.


Alexander Mitta: the Spectator, as before, to really attract a good dramatic story

Anetta, Soviet and Russian film Director, film debuted in 1961 the film "my Friend, Kolka!". They filmed the movie "the girl and the bugler", "Gori, Gori, Moya Zvezda", "the Tale of how Czar Peter moor married", "Crew", and others. Our correspondent spoke with the Director.


Vladimir Zeldin: In a hundred years not afraid to be funny

this year the winner of the Union state prize in literature and art for 2013-2014 was Vladimir Zeldin, awarded for playing the role of don Quixote in the play "man of La Mancha". Newspaper Union. Belarus-Russia" offers interviews with the legendary actor, people's artist of the USSR.


Ivan Goncharov: to avoid catastrophe, we must rely on the ideals found in the depths of life of the people

Interview with Emeritus Professor of Russian state pedagogical University n.a. Alexander Herzen, the doctor of pedagogical Sciences, Professor of the UNESCO chair "Education in a multicultural society", the head of the all-Russian movement "Russian modern school" IVAN Goncharov.


Tatyana Kazakova: True culture is the internal organization of man that determines his spirit

problems of modern theatre, the continuity of the creative schools


Vyacheslav Bondarenko: the Theme of the great Forgotten war, one of the main themes of my life

Belarusian historian and writer Vyacheslav Bondarenko widely known as the author of books about the First world war (CEM). In addition, he is Chairman of the Board of the charity cultural-historical Foundation of memory CEM "KROK". It is therefore not surprising that the topic of our conversation was this war.


Irina Bogacheva: We have no control over time. However, largely in control of what is called fate

Irina Bogacheva - an outstanding Russian singer, the representative of the Golden age of Soviet vocal school. She belonged among the most popular in the Soviet Union and the most popular Russian singers abroad. Our correspondent met and talked with the singer.


Mikhail Khazin: to join the Union state should be held as a state

the question of the day today - what will happen to the Donbass and Lugansk, will they be able to establish myself as an independent state, or remain part of Ukraine. We were asked to answer some questions related to the potential problems of the new Russia, a famous Russian economist Mikhail Khazin.


Alexey Osipov: the Value of the human soul above all other values

Professor of the Moscow theological Academy Alexey Osipov known to many Russians. His lectures are invariably filled the halls. To him, the scientist-theologian, the public pays their questions about the meaning of life, freedom, morality... Our correspondent spoke with the Professor.


Raimonds Pauls: I am from Riga

Who in Russia does not know Raimond Pauls?! Favorite Soviet and Latvian composer, conductor, pianist, people's artist of the USSR (1985). The author of the music of many pop hits, many songs Abogacia, musicals, music for films. The initiator of the international competition of young singers of popular music "Jurmala" and "New wave".


Alexey Kubrin: You can interact with parliamentarians at a higher level

A.A. Kubrin, Deputy State Secretary, member of the Permanent Committee of the Union state of the working meeting of the chairmen, Deputy chairmen and deputies of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union of Belarus and Russia with the Secretary of State Gajapati and his deputies.


The Union government will have many significant events and important dates. The standing Committee prepares to meet them

How is the preparation for the "Slavianski Bazaar"? When the movie "world war"? That is preparing for the anniversary of the great Victory? Says Deputy Secretary of State, member of the Permanent Committee of the Union state Ivan Mikhailovich Bambiza.


Anatoly " : We want our students to be good people and worthy citizens

they are confident that any boy can raise a real man, a patriot and a worthy citizen. This is Cadet boarding school №8 "the Moscow cadet corps justice". What are the goals of the school, we talk to its Director Anatoly".


Olga Vinogradova: Without a soul, without human relationships no matter, no undertaking, probably will not work

no doubt the economy is the basic element for the construction of any integration project. And the Union state is no exception. However, any project can not do without a social dimension, which directly affects everyone, this project covers.


Sergey Petrosov: Diaspora can and wants to do more for Russia

Russia is increasingly pursuing a policy towards the Diaspora. But perhaps there are areas where we ought to be more focused? In turn, their compatriots help Russia. And can you help more? We talk with this YEAR Petrosova, head of the Association "European Russian community (Belgium).


Alexey Kubrin: issues in the development of high-tech industries are at the forefront of economic and scientific-technical cooperation of the Union state

develop and implement programs of the Union state? What problems arise? Says A. A. Kubrin, Deputy State Secretary, member of the Permanent Committee of the Union state.


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